Daniel Figallo

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Daniel began his professional career at United Airlines designated as the EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR. Later, he worked at the US Embassy in Caracas where he obtained the FRANKLING EXCELLENCE AWARD during his performance. After his postgraduate degree in Montpellier, France, he dedicated 11 years to Management Consulting for different companies in cities of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Uruguay.
Beginning in 2008, he began meditative practice and re-dimensioned the counseling approach towards a state of greater productivity for companies focused on the general well-being of the individual. International TRX & RIP Trainer / 42K Marathoner / PADI Advanced Diver / High Mountain Alpinist. Advanced Practitioner in Smart Eating (Wellness Detox Program) and with more than 11 years of experience in Buddhist meditation practices, he is currently a Mindfulness Instructor (Mexican Institute of Mindfulness, MBSR Foundation Brown University)

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