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HeartWell in the News

Gratitude to the Worcester and Central Massachusetts news outlets who have helped us expand our reach to bring programs and trainings that teach stress reduction, mindfulness, deep listening, communication, compassion for the self and others, non-judgment, and equity skills to professionals, individuals, and families.

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VIDEO: HeartWell Institute Executive Director Zayda Vallejo is interviewed by Yolanda Ramos of LABO News (Latin American Business Organization) about fall 2023 community programs, free online Neuroscience and Mindfulness sessions in Spanish, and Mindfulness as a Catalyst for Equity and Collective Healing, HeartWell's signature 5-day, 7-and-a-half-hours per day training that combines mindfulness-based skills with racial and cultural literacy.

VIDEO: Host and Unity Radio Founder and General Manager Ernie Floyd interviews HeartWell's Zayda Vallejo and Sandy Lashin-Curewitz about the benefits of integrating mindfulness-based skills into our daily lives and the no-cost or low-cost programs and trainings available online and in-person at HeartWell that teach those skills.

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VIDEO (Start at 46:55): Spanish language Expresso 1620 AM Latin Radio team Carmen, Cinthya, and Jensy learn more about the benefits of programs online and in-person at The HeartWell Institute with Executive Director Zayda Vallejo.

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