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Mindfulness Audio Practices

Mindfulness Table of Contents

Image by Katerina May

Mindful Stillness is about making the mind still while keeping the body awake but relaxed. Mindful Stillness contains many categories including Body Scan, Sitting Meditation, and Self Compassion.

  • During a Body Scan, you mentally scan over every part of your body from your head to your toes paying attention to sensations happening in your body.

  • Sitting meditation is regarded as the core of elegant meditation practices. The practice promotes the reduction of depression and anxiety.

  • Self-compassion is the process of showing one-self compassion. This practice allows you to be kind and understanding rather than self-critical when we fail.

Mindful Movement refers to engaging in different exercises while placing all of your attention (or as much as you can) on the movements of your body as well as your breathing. Movement routines and activities are more than just physical when done mindfully, they allow the mind to focus, engage and be present. The breath supports the movements, your attention helps you feel and appreciate the subtitles of actions.

Body Scans - Escaneos Corporales


Body ScanZayda Vallejo
00:00 / 42:04
Body Scan Steve Hickman
00:00 / 23:12
Body Scan Deborah Rana
00:00 / 37:23
Body ScanAllan Goldstein
00:00 / 20:29
Body ScanLuis Morones
00:00 / 23:39


Escaneo CorporalZayda Vallejo
00:00 / 39:12
Escaneo Corporal Luis Morones
00:00 / 29:03

Sitting Mediations - Meditación Sentada


Mountain Meditation Noriko Morita Harth
00:00 / 25:01
Seated Meditation Deborah Rana
00:00 / 27:41
Seated MeditationSteve Hickman
00:00 / 46:09
Seated MeditationSteve Hickman
00:00 / 21:04
Seated Meditation Allan-Goldstein
00:00 / 20:05


Meditacione EntadaZayda Vallejo
00:00 / 32:26

Self Compassion - Autocompasión


Giving and Receiving Compassion Noriko Morita Harth
00:00 / 14:04
Loving-Kindness MeditationSteve Hickman
00:00 / 15:53
Loving-Kindness for a Loved OneNoriko Morita Harth
00:00 / 12:37


Amor IncondicionalZayda Vallejo
00:00 / 21:12

Japanese 日本 

Giving and Receiving CompassionNoriko Morita Harth
00:00 / 19:42
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