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If you are able to give at the Benefactor level, thank you! You are becoming an agent of change, as your contribution, above the Sustain level, helps to break down barriers of access to mental health and wellness education. Together, we are fostering collective healing, one person at a time.


Keeping our program affordable to all is part of our mission. If you are unable to meet the minimum Scholarship level, we invite you to contact us. We do not want to turn anyone away who is committed to cultivating inner healing.


*Any amount paid over $ will be considered a tax-deductible donation, and a receipt will be issued for the tax-deductible amount.


Course Dates - To Be Announced 

About the Session


This experiential educational program provides a solid foundation of mindfulness, self-compassion, and deep listening practices. The program encompasses the entire didactic components and practices of the world-renowned Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR), with an array of images, videos, exercises, and content provided with visual and auditory input to enhance the learning experience of participants and the retention of information. This pedagogy was developed in alignment with trauma sensitive research, to maximize the reach of Mindfulness practices to as many people as possible, including participants from diverse populations and/or learning styles. 

In recent decades, extensive research has established that learning about Mindfulness helps us live healthier lives by reducing physical and emotional stress, depression, and anxiety. Mindfulness helps participants to relate to the experience of chronic pain differently, and to develop effective coping mechanisms. The research has also shown that it improvers sleep hygiene, concentration, memory, and immune system function. Evidenced-based studies demonstrate brain changes that counteract problems with cognition, energy, and motivation characteristic in the aging process. Mindfulness has become increasingly a valued resource for medical, nursing, mental health professionals, and those in caregiver roles. It has also been established that Mindfulness practices help reduce burn-out, support emotional regulation, and the capacity to manage adverse experiences. 

Program Type

Experiential program for small or large groups, with systematic training on mindfulness, meditation, self-
compassion, deep listening practices, interactive exercises, and didactic psycho-educational components. This program includes a silent retreat experience halfway to deepen the practices.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will learn a broad repertoire of informal and formal meditation and mindfulness practices and to cultivate a systematic way to integrate them in their everyday lives.

  • Participants will learn to identify the different ways mindfulness is helpful for both physical and mental health, and a resource to prevent burn-out. Participants will identify different ways of practicing mindfulness, learn skills to help them integrate the practices in their everyday lives, and address challenges typically encountered when first learning about mindfulness.

  • Participants will learn to cultivate deep listening and mindful communication to foster clarity and meaningful relationships. Participants practice compassionate communication by learning a framework of listening skills and role plays, which enhance interpersonal communication in their everyday lives.

  • Participants will learn to become more aware of the choices that mindfulness practice offers to enhance emotional regulation, decrease the experience of stress, and overcome the common experience of stuck mindsets.

About the Instructor

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Zayda Vallejo, M.Litt., is a Certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) instructor and has been teaching mindfulness interventions for professionals and for the general public in English and Spanish for more than 18 years.She co-authored the Compassionate Consciousness Framework and the Mindfulness as a Catalyst for Collective Healing program with Dr. Bertha-Elena Rojas, which promotes mindfulness as a vehicle for personal and relational growth of collective healing through culture and racial literacy.

CE Credit Guidelines

  • APA: The HeartWell Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education credits for psychologists. The HeartWell Institute maintains responsibility for this program and content.


  • NBCC ACEP: The HeartWell Institute has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider ACEP No. 7058. Programs that do not qualify for CE credit are clearly identified. The HeartWell Institute is solely responsible for all aspects of the program. 


  • NASW - MA Chapter: Application for social work continuing education credits has been submitted. Please contact us at for the status of social work CE accreditation. 


  • MA-DESE: The HeartWell Institute is an approved provider for Professional Development Points (PDPs) for educators. PDPs are awarded after a minimum of 10 hours of programming has been completed. Programs can be combined for this purpose.

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