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At HeartWell Institute, our focus on community development through mental health and wellness is effectively implemented through a variety of teachings. From free weekly meditation sessions to family mindfulness courses to workshops geared toward the completion of continuing education credits, our emphasis on the diverse community needs is what fuels of our mission.


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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

The 8-week stress reduction program is based on intensive training in mindfulness. It was initially targeted to individuals with chronic health problems, helping them to cope with the effects of pain and illness, and the impact of these conditions on their lives. Today MBSR is taught to people throughout the world who are experiencing challenges in all areas of life.


(26 CE Credits Available. This program is offered online.)


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Programa de Reducción de Estrés Basado en Mindfulness (MBSR)

Enmarcado en el contexto de la medicina cuerpo/mente integrativa, el programa de Reducción de Estrés Basado en Mindfulness o MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) es una intervención científicamente validada para prevenir y enfrentar los síntomas de estrés y ansiedad mediante el desarrollo de habilidades mindfulness o de atención plena. El MBSR, terapia de tercera generación, se inspira en las prácticas de tradición meditativa vínculadas con el mindfulness y en los adelantos de la psicología moderna.


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Mindfulness as a Catalyst for Equity and Collective Healing

Mindfulness as a Catalyst for Equity and Collective Healing strives to inspire individuals to become agents for social change by using trauma-informed relational mindfulness practices infused by frameworks of psychosocial and cultural competency. The foundational pillars of this program are grounded in fostering trust, safety, acceptance, and compassion to facilitate a transformational journey with life-long personal, interpersonal, social, and global impact.

(32.5 CE Credits Available)



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Mindfulness Immersion 

This experiential educational program provides a solid foundation of mindfulness, self-compassion, and deep listening practices. The program encompasses the entire didactic components and practices of the world-renowned Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR), with an array of images, videos, exercises, and content provided with visual and auditory input to enhance the learning experience of participants and the retention of information. 

(26 CE Credits Available)

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CBCT (Cognitive Based Compassion Training)

CBCT (Cognitively Based Compassion Training) was developed at Emory University by Lobsang Tenzin Negi, Ph.D. One of North America's leading programs in compassion meditation, CBCT is a system of contemplative exercises designed to strengthen and sustain compassion.

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Strengthening Families and Raising Resilience

The HeartWell Institute has partnered with Creative Hub to introduce Strengthening Family and Raising Resilience.


The mission of the Strengthening Families and Raising Resilience Program is to use creative arts to explore the values of mindfulness practices and compassionate communication, promoting family unity, and greater awareness of the power of remaining in the present moment to help strengthen the bond and mutual understanding and compassion between family members. 


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