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Apps Supporting Social Change

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Social Justice is the theory that everyone deserves equal economic, political, and social rights and opportunities. Over the years, different Social Justice groups have helped develop various applications for Android & iPhone that contribute to a social change, and this page is here to distribute the news about the available apps and display their services. 

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5 Calls

Spend 5 minutes, make 5 calls. Learn about what's happening in Congress today and get automatically connected with your House, Senate and local reps. Uses your location to find your local representatives so your calls have more impact. Keeps track of who you've called about each issue so you can make your way down the list.



Causes makes learning about what your government is up to easy and fun. Learn about issues you care about, influence Congress with one-tap voting, and rally your friends around specific legislation. Use our Voter Center to register to vote and get all the info you need to be informed this November. Use the camera on your iPhone/iPad to record video messages and send them to your reps or President Trump.



Millie's social impact platform allows you to give back with your colleagues and build community. Browse over 1.7 million nonprofits, giving you the chance to easily back the causes you care about. With Millie, you can get your donation matched by your company.



EMPOWRD is a Non-Partisan app that provides members with curated and contextualized civic engagement experience that displays and enables opportunities to support organizations, engage elected leaders, and discover voting related information all from one easy to use, gamified, mobile app experience. Use EMPOWRD to find your pathway to becoming civically engaged and then stay that way with alerts, ongoing opportunities for civic engagement and more!

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Samaritan is currently serving members in Seattle, Oklahoma City, and Orange County and aiming to serve 100+ communities by 2025. Send a $25 gift for food and medical bills, invite them to coffee, or message words of encouragement for greater accountability. Want your community supported, too? Contact us and let us know where you are!

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Reyets is a revolutionary social justice network that connects and empowers us to protect one another. Database of quick answers to civil rights questions of each jurisdiction. Community section with news, local organizations, marches, rallies, and events. Quick-start and continuous video recording while navigating other features. Seamless auto-post to Twitter while continuing to record video.




Givelify is trusted and loved by over 1 million kind and generous people just like you. It is the easiest way to donate from any place at any time. Your place of worship or charity receives your donations next business day with military grade encryption. Save your home church or favorite charities for quick one-tap access.

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The Humanly° app is a window to the world that fits in the palm of your hand. First, make your impact through the innovative organizations that use Humanly° and then track your impact in the app to see how your dollars are making a difference around the world.


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Liberate is the meditation app for us, by us that is Black-owned. We’re not only just a meditation app, we’re a safe space for the Black community to develop a daily meditation habit. Liberate is the perfect place for those who want to develop a regular meditation practice or simply explore a new intention. Choose from meditations ranging from 5 to 25 minutes in length, which you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

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